A Little About the App

Scripture Singer is designed to make memorization of the Holy Bible easy and effective. This simple app provides you with the opportunity to learn scriptures anywhere and at any time, and gives you the freedom to go at whatever pace you like. It allows you to effortlessly memorize parts of the Bible by combining scripture with music. A review setting is also available so you can refresh your memory on previously learned texts. Additional features include speed adjustment for the rate at which you learn songs, and more.

Fountainview Academy

Scripture Singer is owned and administrated by Fountainview Academy, Lillooet, BC, Canada. Fountainview Academy is a unique, non-profit educational institution in southern British Columbia, Canada which holds Province of BC Ministry of Education accreditation. Students from all over the world are attracted to Fountainview because of its balanced approach to education. Each staff member is personally committed to the eternal success of every student, and together they strive for the highest standards in every respect. For more information about Fountainview Academy, please visit the website FountainviewAcademy.ca.

Our music serves the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Christ’s soon coming to those who need to hear it. God has blessed our endeavours in this mission, giving us the privilege of sharing positive, uplifting, Christ-centered music in venues along the west coast and worldwide through our DVD productions. All of our music productions and resources are available on the website: FountainofMusic.ca.

Why memorize Scripture?

At Fountainview Academy we believe that the best way to store God’s word in our hearts is the biblical model of singing God’s Word. His Word not only changes us (Ephesians 5:25-27), but can also shield from the attacks of Satan. When Jesus was in temptation, He responded by quoting scripture. How much more important is it to us now? There is power in God’s Word, and memorizing scripture is just that.

“I just downloaded this app & have been looking for something like this since before apps were created. Thank you for this invaluable gift!!!!!”

- User

Current Number of Songs

“Beautiful! I memorize scripture much better when it is put to song, and this app is a God-send!!! The songs are so beautifully done, and must say this is an invaluable app that will forever be on my phone and plan on singing these everywhere!”

- Antoinette