Video Productions

Scripture Singer's newest video projects.

Our long-time dream to bring Scripture memory to more people and on more platforms became a reality in July 2020, when 12 volunteers converged in Sumas, WA, to film the first Scripture Singer music videos!

In this first production we focused on God’s Word itself, beginning the production with the powerful words of John 1:1-3, revealing that Jesus, Himself, IS the Word!

Our team also set to music other key texts about the Word so that this video production will have many key texts such as:

    Isaiah 8:20 - “To the law and to the testimony…”
    Isaiah 28:10 - “But precept must be upon precept… Here a little and there a little…”
    Psalm 119:105 - “Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet…”
    II Timothy 3:16 - “All Scripture is given by Inspiration and is profitable for doctrine…”
    Romans 10:17 - “So then, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God…”

Now our team is working to bring each of these verses to the app, and to complete the editing of our video production so that you can see all of these verses, and many more, on our YouTube channel that we will launch soon!

We are primarily a team of complete volunteers. Eight young people have joined us and are donating their time to sing and record Scripture songs. 

You Can Help, too!

We do have urgent financial needs and would appreciate your help. All of this video work, app updating, and audio recording takes professional expertise and equipment. Please consider giving a gift today to see our work continue. Our current needs this Fall of 2020 are:

    App Development: $7500
    New Studio Equipment (2nd editing studio to edit for 8 volunteer singers): $2250
    Promotional Materials/Travel/Facebook Ads:  $1750
    Volunteer Singer Stipends: $3500

Please prayerfully consider making a donation of any amount.

Partner with us today!